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Who We Are

ae3 is an Alliance of energy services companies that offer energy, economic and environment solutions for non-residential buildings, central plants and landfills.

Several hundred energy services professionals and technicians are organized into multiple professional energy services teams. Each team has the knowledge, experience and certifications needed to do simple to very complex energy reduction design and implementation projects.

The engineering teams include licensed professional engineers, LEED AP, AEE Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and ASHRAE Certified Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP).

The main focus of ae3 is designing and implementing total integrated comfort and building energy management projects. Past projects include district wide cooling plants and single or multi-building complexes (like a campus or military base). These projects can be at one location or in different locations, even in different states.

Part of ae3 are the integration IT professionals and technicians. They are experts on the protocols needed to communicate and optimize building HVAC and lighting automation systems. They can pass this information safely thru building communication networks. Some of the tools they use are Building LogiX, BacBone, BACnet, Niagara, and Trane.

Each project is designed to meet the owners needs and budget. It might be one simple energy reduction project or multiple projects for larger savings.

The ae3 shared knowledge program helps professionals provide the best outcome for any size project.