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What We Offer

The first ae3 offering is open and visible measured building performance. It is the first step in managing energy. The old adage still holds true. "What is not measured is not controlled".

ae3 can provide building performance information in any increment - real time, daily, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual data. This data needed to see how the building is performing.

The second ae3 offering is energy and operational savings. Conservation is the most sustainable form of energy. ae3 has access to several cross platform building automation system solutions that communicate with the HVAC, lighting, and security systems. Cross platform means the ability to communicate with the major control companies like Trane, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Automated Logic, and most of the lighting mangement systems. Bringing these systems together is the key to a high performance building. Leaving a major energy consuming system unmanaged at the macro level creates a energy leak. A leak that could be and often is wasted energy.

The third ae3 offering is knowledge of new, leading edge products that are best of class. These lower energy use products are used in high performance low energy buildings.

Some examples:
Water and air cooled chillers with industry leading AHRI performance. For multiple chillers, chiller optimization. Thermal water and ice storage for load shifting.
Large direct drive fans. Used in air handlers, these new plenum fans can be used as one fan or assembled into fan arrays up to 500,000 cfm in size. Full load peak efficiency is about 72-74% and they have excellent vfd part load unloading and low sound levels. Multiple fans can be configured for 100% redundancy.
Small direct drive fans. Used in small cfm room units like fan coils, unit vents. The new generation ECM motors have motor efficiencies around 90%+ versus the older fan motors that had efficiencies in the 35-48% range. These new motors can cut the fan motor energy significantly.
Desiccant dehumidification wheels that regenerate using differences in RH relative humidity. Typically are used as part of a spot or total building humidity control solution.
PCO or photo catalytic oxidation. An advanced method of air cleaning. Reduces mold, hydrocarbon odors, biologicals. Cleaning the air to an acceptable level with PCO improves air quality and may allow the amount of outside air to be reduced, saving more energy. Great for hospitals, schools, and buildings near freeways, power plants, many industrial processes.
LCD lights, optimized airside economizers, silicon based protective coatings, fan pressure optimization, smart meters.

These are just a few of the new, innovative products now available.

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