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Helping you deliver what is promised

If you have a building, your goal or promise might be to provide good indoor air quality at the lowest energy and operational cost. The new Alliance for Energy, Economic and Environmental Building Solutions (ae3) can help you keep that promise. How is it done? In five steps.

First, audit the building to track current performance. These energy audits can be one time, incremental, or, our newest offering - continuous monitoring. Part of the audit finds out what is working and does not work and does the building have the most efficient technology to save energy. We can use innovative hardware and custom software to track HVAC, lighting and other power loads energy consumption, demand, and indoor air quality.

Second, benchmark the building using the energy use index (EUI) to determine the Building Energy Star rating and other custom metrics like ASHRAE bEQ. The goal is to reduce the buildings system complexity to an easily understood performance metrics and then establish targeted goals.

Third, put together a plan to improve performance. ae3 members can design alteration and operating strategies that can lower energy costs and water use by 5% to 50% or more. The resulting plan or business case includes different options with efficiency levels, first costs, and available financing options from utility and available government funded rebates or incentives. If needed, an investment grade audit is provided.

The next step is to execute the energy/water conservation plan with our contracting partners.

The final step is to monitor the building systems and products and if desired, service the building to keep the energy consumption at a minimum and IAQ at an acceptable level.

Each of these steps can be a separate project or linked together as one project.

ae3 members have a great track record. Ft Knox, Ky is an good example. An ae3 member helped them achieve a major milestone - a 50% energy reduction in the last 10 years. This is believed to be the best of class (major bases) energy reduction in the US Army.

Bottom line - You know your business. We know building energy and water management. Let ae3 help you deliver the promise.